Finding the Human Touch in Digital ​

Where, how and why we do business has changed immeasurably over the past 18 months. As the world reopens, we start to take stock of a transformed marketplace and global economy. ​

Few functions transform as quickly as marketing and the pressure to demonstrate value has never been greater. Showcasing tremendous resilience and agility, marketing teams have had to rapidly pivot to meet the needs of customers that changed overnight. ​

The unprecedented disruption to the global economy has accelerated the road to digital and at the same time deepened the desire for human connection, building relationships and authentic engagement. For marketing, success will largely come down to an equation of access to real-time data and the ability to deliver valuable experiences and connecting with customers in an authentic and meaningful way at scale.

As businesses face a collision of old and new, join us at this year’s ClickZ Virtual Summit as we explore the winning formula for success and learn how you can earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. ​

Join us on 27th October at the ClickZ Virtual Summit to challenge, be challenged and build influence in your space to drive growth and the meet the future with confidence and certainty. ​

Key benefits of attending: ​​

  • Benchmark and shockproof your strategy by learning from best practice and seasoned marketing executives from some of the most innovative and leading companies in the world. 
  • A changing market means changing customers – ensure you fully understand the changes that are here to stay and how your business can remain relevant and hold on to your competitive edge. 
  • Learn how the right technology will create a seamless, engaging and bespoke CX and UX to ensure you maintain your competitive edge and don’t get left behind. 

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