June 25, 2020 | 9am EST / 2pm GMT

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

A virtual half-day event exploring the latest technologies and strategies to harness the power of AI

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Do you have the AI advantage?

AI has been a hot topic that has dominated the buzzword lexicon for many years.

It has been deemed as the transformative technology that is going to make us all jobless, destroy the world, and bring to reality the likes of Black Mirror, Minority Report and iRobot (all great if you haven't seen them).

However, in reality, just like other transformative technologies (IOT, AR, VR, Mobile, Blockchain) it takes time for marketers to adopt and realize their true power, leading to huge competitive advantages to those that are ahead of the curve.

Those who have embedded AI firmly in their stack have seen huge improvements across attribution, lifetime value analysis, customer journey analysis, predictive analytics, personalization, content creation, big data analysis, dynamic creative optimization, automation and more!

All of this helps improve your customer experience and leads to a lower cost of acquisition and ultimately a more profitable and customer-focused business.

During this half-day event, we will bring together leading experts along with cutting edge AI technology providers to uncover the current power of AI, what you should be doing/using right now, and explore what's next.

Join us!