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The Evolution of ClickZ

ClickZ was founded in 1997 and has grown to be one of the largest digital marketing communities in the world today. With digital marketing at our core, we collaboratively strategize, innovate and share insights that drive growth within your business.

In 2020, when the global pandemic hit, we ensured that unity continued within our community. We established the ClickZ Experience to make sure that our members could still gain the value and insights they needed. This provided an immersive, virtual learning environment where our community would continue to connect with other senior marketing professionals, experts and peers and take stock of a transformed marketplace and global economy.

Consequently, from the ClickZ Experience emerged the ClickZ Collective. The Collective is a highly collaborative virtual space for marketing leaders to architect the solutions they require to generate new skills, strategies, and practices.

It has evolved from conversations with our marketing community on what matters to them and how they want to receive insights and work synergistically with peers – it is built for and by the community. ClickZ Collective is the entry point to an online networked community that you can come back to again and again.

With a new, unique session format to explore the strategic challenges of tomorrow, ClickZ Collective is comprised of a Scene-Setter and followed by a Digital Incubator, under the guidance of our solution-orientated consultants.

Once part of ClickZ Collective, you will remain part of the community.


The ClickZ Collective in a nutshell:

  1. Up to 1.5 hours of highly interactive engagement
  2. Framed around your major pain points & future opportunities
  3. Uniting 25 of your peers who share similar objectives
  4. Co-create your desired outcomes
  5. Access point to highly experienced, solution-orientated consultants
  6. Access to impactful follow-up resources


Getting to grips with the new terms

What is a Scene-Setter?

ClickZ Collective begins with a Scene-Setter, where you will hear from marketing leaders discussing the challenges facing the industry as well as providing insight on the opportunities to move forward in the space. This will prepare you for our interactive Digital Incubators, enabling you to get into the right mindset and energizing you to tackle challenges together.


What is a solution-orientated consultant?

Leading each Digital Incubator, the role of the consultant is to draw out, probe, and craft the solutions and outcomes to the complex challenges or opportunities that Digital Incubator centres around.


What is a Digital Incubator?

The interactive cornerstone of the Collective, each Digital Incubator will adopt a revolutionary approach to tackling challenges, overcoming personal development stumbling blocks, and fuelling the realisation of opportunities to empower a new breed of business.

They are designed with a specific challenge in mind and tailored to your wants and needs. Using verified frameworks and practical resources, all whilst leveraging the benefit of multiple perspectives to co-create the outcomes you desire and need.


Being part of the ClickZ Collective this March is where your journey begins. Secure your complimentary ticket below.


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